About Us

Our rescue, train, and donate program is our organization’s main area of focus. The purpose of this program is to locate canines in shelters and rescues with the genetic characteristics needed to be police canines. Unfortunately, many canines with the same caliber genetics as multi-thousand dollar imported canines end up in shelters. This typically happens through no fault of the canine. They are typically surrendered for being “bad pets” or “too hyper” by people that did not understand what they were getting when the purchased the canine as a puppy. These characteristics make them difficult for shelters or rescues to place and often ends up costing canines their lives. However, these same traits make them perfect for our program.

Once we locate/are informed of a prospective canine in a shelter or rescue, we contact the rescue for more information. We find as much information as we can about the canine such as age, temperament, interest in toys, any issues, why the dog ended up in shelter/rescue, and any history that is known. If the canine sounds like a potential fit, we require the shelter/rescue to submit videos of our screening tests. If the videos show potential, we will do an in-person evaluation to further test the canine to ensure future success.

If selected, the canine will be housed by one of our trainers. The canine will be given a chance to decompress, while bonding with our trainer and then begin training. Knowing departments are sometimes skeptical of rescue canines and that most departments do not have the time to invest in training one, we fully train the canines to our standards in the area of training selected. Our standards and certification meet or exceed standards set forth by states or other nationally recognized canine standards.

Once the canine is fully trained, the canine is donated at no cost to a selected agency. Agencies are thoroughly screened to ensure the canine team’s future success. Prior to donation we require the agency to properly outfit a canine vehicle with a canine transport vehicle insert and a heat alarm system. We verify that the agency has a proper basic school set up, that proper monthly training time will be given, and adequate financing is in place to ensure the canine is properly taken care of and vetted throughout the canine’s entire career. In the event that a department needs a basic school conducted and options in their area are not suitable for their needs, we offer our own basic school at no charge.

We believe so strongly in this program because not only does it save the lives of rescue canines and gives them a purpose, but it saves agencies thousands of dollars while significantly enhancing the safety of their community.