Protecting the K-9s that Protect Us

K-9 Protectors



K-9 Protectors

Protecting the K-9s that Protect Us

Rescue K-9 Caj

Caj is our veteran. He is 3 years old and came to us in February from The Davis Dog Farm. Caj is very social and clearheaded. He was fully trained in explosives detection prior to partially tearing his CCL in late March. After stem cell therapy and some rest Caj’s knee is as good as new. He has since learned to track and is patiently waiting to meet his handler and start school next month. When not working Caj enjoys holding his favorite GoughNuts ring and watching squirrels out the window.

Rescue K-9 Valkyrie

K9 Valkyrie is from Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord Merrimack County, K-9 Valkyrie has completed her training as a single purpose detection canine. We are excited to announce that K-9 Valkyrie has been donated to the Middlesex County Sheriff's Office to officially begin her career as a police canine. As you can see she is already enjoying training with her new handler!

Meet the Rescue K-9's


Rescue K-9 River

River is our baby at about 9 months old. She entered our care back in June in partnership with Malinois Rescue League - Saving Mals around the globe. She was originally located in a river as a stray. She is a calm, sweet girl that loves toys. She is being trained in explosives detection and tracking. River is wise beyond her years with a very methodical approach to searching. Her favorite past time, when not working, is playing tug of war and fetch.


Rescue K-9 Apollo

Apollo is our newest addition. Another Davis Dog Farm alumni with tons of drive. He is 18 months old and also being trained in explosives detection and tracking. Apollo always give it his all, and is always on the go. With his never ending desire to work, he is excelling at training and is excited to finish up so he can join Caj in handler school next month.