Protecting the K-9s that Protect Us

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K-9 Protectors

Protecting the K-9s that Protect Us

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About K-9 Protectors


K-9 Protectors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was formed in early 2020 after seeing the need for Guardian Angel Devices due to the number of police officers killed every year in traffic accidents. Guardian Angel Devices provide the K-9 handler and their canine with increased visibility while they are out of their vehicle. These devices can be used by the handler during many aspects of the job and then quickly removed and placed on the canine's harness or vest when needed during an article search or other activities where the canine needs to be visible.


Joint supplements are something we strongly believe that all dogs especially hardworking canines can benefit from. Daily use of joint supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin can reduce inflammation and increase joint mobility. The use of joint supplements can also help improve quality of life during the canine's retirement years. 


K-9 Protectors is committed to supporting not only law enforcement K-9 teams but also the valuable search and rescue K-9s and their handlers. We also assist in providing products and services to improve the health, safety and traing of working K-9s throughout the country. We are committed to our mission of providing training, products and services for the health, safety and wellbeing of working K-9s.


As of the fall of 2021 K-9 Protectors has also began to rescue dogs from shelters and training them in narcotics, explosive detection, tracking and patrol. These canines are then donated to approved agencies at no cost.


Our vision


To assist in the safety and wellbeing of all K-9 teams who have limited financial resources.

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